International YOU Day!

Hip Hip HooRay – is it YOUR International You Day?


Well maybe today isn’t international you day in your world, but it is for someone somewhere on the globe. So happy day to every someone who is having a birthday today.

I strongly believe we are ment to take the day off and loaf around, if we so choose. Birthdays are the one day each year we can claim a holiday and yet it doesn’t necessarily apply to anyone else we know. We can eat cake for breakfast or wear a big fluffy hat. Wee can do a happy dance and actually have a valid reason to be dorky…

So celebrate says I!

Looking for some fun little do-dads for someone’s birthday? Or maybe you’d like to treat yourself?

Check out the JGoode Birthday Doodles.. woot!

And then, the rest of the year, just make up an excuse or say you’re practicing. 😉

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