Happy New Year – Going Hog Wild!

2007 is finally here which means it’s time to start setting new goals, rethink our views of the world, recalculate how we spend our time and what we spend our time doin… not to mention who we spend time doing with (regardless of whatever it is we spend time doing)… and maybe, somewhere in the chaos of groceries, school, kids, work, rec and laundry…. maybe, just possibly we’ll get a chance to stop to rest once in a while.right?

2007 is the Chinese year of the pig, or more accurately, the year of the boar.

Those born any of the following years are born under this fantastic sign:
The pig is possibly the most generous and honorable Sign of the chinese Zodiac.
are highly intelligent
are perfectionists
are honest
are patient
always look for the good in others and situations
truly enjoy the finer things in life
possess impeccable manners and taste
care a great deal about friends and family
thoroughly enjoy helping others

“To bear children in the year of the pig is considered very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest.” ~wikipedia

More Piggy info fun:


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