Did You Know… an Unknown Breast Cancer

This video was passed on to me by my aunt. It talked about a commonly unknown Breast Cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Watch it, listen and please pass it on!

This is a windows media player video of a Seattle, Washington Newscast.

Read the News story and watch the video

From what I’ve read and found thus far, IBC is often time misdiagnosted. Lumps are not the telltale sign of IBC, nor does it appear in your standard well-woman mammogram. Signs of IBC include redness, insect bite looking rashes and inverted nipple. With the mis-diagnosis of IBC, many women have found that by the time they are diagnosted with breast cancer, they’re already in stage 4.

Please help spread the knowledge and awareness, pass this information on to all of the women you know!!

Additional information I found on the web (there isn’t a whole lot yet):

IBC Fact sheet:

NEWS4 Seattle new report that goes along with the video:

Fact Sheet (pdf) from the Susan G Komen website:
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