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Although I have been focusing on my own collections of art to sell as featured designs for products, I still receive a number of requests for design services. Everything from website design to “can I use your penguin as my logo?” is asked when I tell people I’m a illustrator. Although I do have a very busy schedule there are times where I can fit in additional projects for clients, so please always feel free to ask, I’m always happy to help when I can.

Services Offered
I charge flat fees for design work based on an hourly rate taking into account the complexity of a given project and the time-line/deadline required. Depending on your needs, in come cases there may be no design fee at all (utilizing my pre-made designs), but rather a use fee or a product purchase fee. Below are some examples of services I can provide.

  • Website Banners/Banner ads
    $50.00 for the first banner/initial design $25.00 each additional same design

    Bulk pricing
    6 for $150.00
    12 for $250.00

  • Logo Design – for small business or personal branding
    $250.00 full rights and ownership – low res/ web only /72 dpi only
    $500.00 full rights and ownership – high res / print use / 300 dpi
  • Website Headers/Templates
    Contact me for an estimate.
  • General Design
    I charge an hourly rate of $60.00, however each design project is unique and requires an understanding of client needs and the time-line that the design process might take. Please contact me for further information.
  • Licensing
    If you are interested in using any of my designs for a project or a custom version of a particular character for one of your own projects, a licensing agreement might be the answer. Please contact me for more information.

It’s all about talking to each other…

Can I use your penguin on…?
The penguin is not available for logo or branding use for any company. However, please contact me to inquire about other uses and licensing options available.

Can I use your art for my project?
Unfortunately, my art is not free to use. If you’d like to use one of my designs for whatever purpose, please contact me for details.

I really like this design, can I use it as a tattoo?
If you would like to have a tattoo created with some of my art, please contact me for details and to obtain a higher quality image.

Can you make me a custom version of…?
I would be happy to talk with you more about your custom/personalizing needs. Please contact me and let me know what you are looking for.

How can I contact you?
Using the contact/customer service form is the quickest way to reach me without getting lost in my spam folder.

I love your penguins!
Thank you, I’m pretty sure the penguins love you and now so do I. Thank you for your support!

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