Dads n Daughters

After 9 long months of waiting for our newest family member to arrive, we were blessed with a happy healthy 8 lb 12oz baby girl.

I’ve been thinking a lot, watching my husband with the boys and wondering how the dynamic between father and daughter will be different

She’s so tiny and delicate… so dainty and fragile… so many new opportunities lie ahead, how will dad adapt? What will the princess learn from dear ol’ daddy poo?

I finally have insight to an answer:

Look at what the man is teaching her!!!

and she’s soaking it up!

(people have asked who she looks like… hmm)


You never know what your children will inherit, nor can you plan for what they will teach you. All you can do is prepare for the unexpected and get ready to be lovedunconditionally in return for your just being there.

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