Click. Beep. Whirr.

WhirrSo it goes… Whirr, creation of Katharine Miller. RoL, is “Girl Loves Robot“. This fun funky robot themed art. A little cutey, a lot entertaining and a joy to browse this site! The lines are simple and the colors solid. There’s a soft giggly appeal to every image. It’s just gosh darn neat!
My favorite section is definitely the downloads. How could it not? Tons of robot fun, from a printable paperdoll to ecards and more.

Stop by the Whirr blog and catch up on what’s new in the world of Whirr or jump over to Whirr on Myspace and make a new friend.

whirr.gifWhatever you do, just take a sec and check it out… surround yourself in all that is Blissfully Whirr — for just a minute (it’ll make ya grin).

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