Design for a Cause is all about finding a way to help with the resources we have. Illustrator/Designer Jen Goode started DFC in 2006 as a way to help artists support charity causes through their art. The concept is, you don’t always have to have time or money to help fulfill a need. The talents, skills and resources we each have are amazing tools to help others.

Now, Design for a Cause has found it’s focus as a resource to share the information about causes JGoode Designs is supporting. I hope you’ll get involved too!

Each month DFC will feature a different cause and portion of JGD proceeds will be donated to this cause. You’ll also find designs dedicated to various causes and themes available through the charity section of JGoodeDesigns.com. Many of these designs support their associated cause/s throughout the year.

Note: Design for a Cause does not accept donations nor it is a non-profit organization. Design for a cause is merely a means to communicate and feature charity opportunities through other groups and organizations.

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