A JGoode Siting on Miley?

I recently found a fairly unknown JGoode Design on a fan site for Miley Cyrus… seriously!

The site, dresslikemiley.com, features outfits Miley (Hannah Montana) wears and then offers suggestions of products so viewers can create a similar outfit.

The brown Vintage Butterfly women’s tank was featured as part of a fabulous fall ensemble.


I’m especially excited because I not only know who Miley is, but actually watch Hannah Montona with my boys from time to time.  It’s fun to see one of my creations associated with a name I know.

The tank has been paired with a jacket and distressed jeans making it an outfit perfect for any weather.


You can find this butterfly in a variety of colors available on a variety of shirt styles and sizes…

Get this tank top, see more styles with this design or  see other butterfly colors

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